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We take you on an insider's tour of the limo world to help create the best possible limousine customer experience for you.

Limousines Come Alive At Night !

Like no other vehicle on the road, a limousine is a party on wheels. A statement wherever you go, everyone wants to see inside, flashing lights, great music, people having fun, every destination a fond memory in the making... It's absolutely true, the party never stops when you have a limo! Add to that the safety and surety of a professional driver at your beck & call, a limousine is
your invitation to the truly fun moments in life!

Limousine Service Questions to Ask:

A.   What year is the (Limousine) vehicle?  

B.   Do all of the Limos (vehicle) accessories work?

C.  What is the total hourly rate I will see on my bill for the Limousine rental?

D.  Is the Limo driver experienced?

E.  Are you a licensed limousine company?

Additional Limousne Questions:

General Limo Rental Questions

It is best to ask questions and make your requests when calling to reserve your limousine. This ensures that you fully understand the company�s policies and they are capable of meeting your requests and requirements.

We have put together a short list of questions you may want to ask when you rent your limousine. Some of the answers have been left blank because they are dependent on the individual company�s specific policy.

Wedding FAQ's

If you are renting the limousine for your wedding, you may also want to ask the following questions to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings on your special day.

Airport FAQ's

If you are planning to use a limousine for travel to or from an airport, be sure your limousine service is equipped to deal with delays and traffic. Using a local limo company will avoid hassles and delays in service.

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