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News Update: July 14th, 2005

The American Exchange Network &, Inc.
have merged forces.

Coming from two ends of the spectrum for the barter industry, these two Kansas City, Mo. based companies are leveraging assets to agressively acquire new market positioning. Accurate details will be release when negotiations are finalized. Details are being strategically implemented by Harold Rice of "AMX" and Ryan C. Jennings of, Inc.

Barter Online
Barter Online
Barter Kansas City


Bartering is an outstanding way to get the new clients you need to expand your business.  BarterKC can help you utilize your trades, services and products more accurately.  BarterKC allows you to purchase products and services you need for your business without using monetary resources.

Benefits of Barter KC!


A painter offers house painting as a service and needs dental work done for his youngest daughter.  Any Barter KC dentist that needs his house painted will have the option to accept the barter request from the painter.  If both parties agree to barter, the painter and the dentist then exchange the service of house painting for dental services.

BarterKC provides you the medium to find businesses or individuals to barter with.  After you get a happy barter customer you will see that they will recommend cash paying customers as well as other barter customers.

How it works?

Register as a member of BarterKC.  In this registration process you will submit information relating to the services or trades you offer. You also submit what services or trades you have a need for.   You will then become a member of the BarterKC network.  Your account profile will be advertised to all other members of BarterKC.  You will be able to browse through occupational categories shopping for a barter arrangement.

We will also automatically provide a match for any criteria’s that meet your account profile.  You will then have the option to request a barter from the matched members.

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